quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012

Sempre gostei de coisas criativas, quando envolvem itens para campismo melhor ainda.
E não é que finalmente estão surgindo barracas com desenhos legais.
Outro dia vi uma 2 seconds branca e cinza na Decathlon, linda.
Agora vi essa (gringa) com desenho de um pedaço de melancia.
O projeto é do designer Luke Bonner para a loja de design Field Candy e se você quer uma barraca dessas é bom correr, pois eles só produziram 195 unidades. Agora e o preço? Não é doce eu posso dizer. 

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If you’re seeking a refreshingly different tent, this will quench you thirst. Unfortunately, it doesn’t count towards one of your five-a-day.  
Luke Bonner
“FieldCandy exists to inject colour, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs. We aim to delight our customers and excite anyone who sees our products.”

The FieldCandy Team

Printed and Manufactured in England


High performance expedition tent with classic ‘A’ frame storm tent construction. Based on the hardiest expedition tents on the market today, to stand up to extreme weather conditions.


100% polyester. Digitally printed. Waterproof to a minimum of 3m hydrostatic head. Fire retardant to EU & US standard. Flex and tear tested. Highly UV fade resistant. Treated with Ultra-Fresh. Coated with fluorocarbon (teflon) for ultimate strength and durability.

Heavy Duty Zip

We only use zips from the worlds leading zipper manufacturer YKK, your flysheet will feature a particularly heavy duty YKK zip with large inner and outer toggle protected by a Velcro zip cover.

Pegging points

FieldCandy tents have extra pegging strong elastic and adjustable pegging points for security and stability, designed to prevent roof dipping and groundsheet rucking, with storm guy lines for extra protection in bad weather.

Extra strong pegs

Completely different from old fashioned tent pegs, FieldCandy pegs are a new design from hardened aluminum, extra strong, designed not to bend with a handy little hole for your custom peg puller, cool!
Every FieldCandy tent comes with spare tent pegs, so don’t worry if there are pegs left over, even when all the pegging points are full. A hammer comes as standard that saves hurting your foot pushing the pegs in!

Easy set up poles

High quality, high strength, low weight precision engineered Aluminum Alloy poles in silver.
You will be amazed how quick and easy it is to set up the tent poles. Hold each pole at one end, give a little 'wiggle' and they slot together all by themselves. Very clever. They are environmentally friendlier, stronger and lighter than standard poles.

Breathable cotton Inner Tent

When you breath you create moisture, most modern day tents are made from plastic so there is nowhere for that moisture to go - result misery. FieldCandy's inner tent is 100% natural cotton, that's breathable - result a dry and comfortable nights sleep.

Sewing & Sealing

FieldCandy inner tents are sewn with cotton and the flysheets with treated polyester, both through flat felled seams, which are then seam sealed for maximum performance.

Spacious sleeping area

Larger than other two person tents, the light grey interior creates a sleep-inducing environment for a more comfortable night. With a mesh window for ventilation and increased light, along with a lantern hanging point for those dark cosy evenings!
Safe as well, your inner tent is fire retardant to EU and US standard CPAI-84, but please always make sure that all cooking, fire lighting, smoking etc. takes place a safe distance away.

Lockable storage pockets

No tent can be 100% secure, but most thefts are opportunist - so reduce the risk with your valuables by locking them away in the four pockets that lock with the combination padlocks provided.
There’s masses of other handy storage places, four see-through storage pockets and two mobile phone / MP3 pockets, for all those important bits and pieces.

Sizes & Weight

Outer dimensions 3.55m (L) x 1.7m (W) x 1.4m (H)
11'8" (L) x 5'7" (W) x 4'7" (H)
Inner dimensions 2.65m (L) x 1.5m (W) x 1.3m (H)
8'8" (L) x 4'11" (W) x 4'3" (H)
Carry bag 0.6m (L) x 0.2m (W) x 0.25 (H)
1'11" (L) x 8" (W) x 8" (H)
Weight including accessories 7.4Kg / 16.3lb
Weight complete tent only 6.3kg / 13.9lb


Although very easy to pitch, FieldCandy tents are supplied with practically indestructible, waterproof instructions just in case!

Owners Manual

Wherever you pitch your FieldCandy tent, expect questions. Your Owners Manual contains many of the answers. It also, of course, tells you how to use and care for your tent.


FieldCandy certifies that your tent is authentic and one of a limited edition of an exclusive design manufactured and sold in accordance with our policies and standards. This certificate is issued after your tent has passed all quality checks and immediately before it is packed for shipping. It is genuine only if it displays the authorised stamp of Outstanding Tents Limited.

Detalhes, preço e afins em: http://www.fieldcandy.com/yummy/what_a_melon.htm

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